Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursdays Update

This is Thursday and today Joe got disconnected from most of his tubes and wires. All but the IV. He is able to walk around with assistance. He called just a minute ago and said that he made the rounds unassisted a couple of times. It just dawned on did he do this and use the walker and push the IV stand at the same time? I'm going to have to ask him. At this rate he will be coming home soon. He ate a couple of good meals...he's eating so healthy now. The pain was about 1/2 what it was yesterday. He didn't use the pain pump and now it is removed.The fellow in the next bed went home today, so he has the room to himself.
It was so hot these last couple of car sat in the parking lot for 5 hours each day and was stifling hot when I got in. I sat there with the air on, waiting for it to cool down. I couldn't even hold on to the steering wheel. Thank God for the AC. I came home to a cool house. Made a little dinner and now I'm going to climb into bed and do some reading. That won't last long...I'm tired.

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