Friday, July 2, 2010

The Waiting Game

Here's where you will find us in the late afternoon and early evening. Our little porch gets a lot of use.
It seems that we have waited so long. We are impatient people these days. We want everything now. When you are is doubly hard. Joe's day starts with his crawling out of bed. He has to get limbered up before he can start walking. After moving around in the bedroom a bit he is pretty good. He can tolerate a lot of pain,but I see him wince with pain often. He does several things inside the house and is able to drive. The car seat is the most comfortable place for him to sit. Wish we could bring it in the living room. After our big meal of the day in the afternoon, he is ready to lie down. Sometimes he naps. The TV is a Godsend in the bedroom. What did we do without TV? We complain about "nothing being on" but what a wonderful thing it bring us hours of entertainment. You can only read so long. We sit on the porch in the late afternoon and early evening. Sometimes people come over to visit. Our neighbors have all been great. Several have already helped us and others have offered their help for after he comes home. The neighbor kids come over and entertain us. We had a treat the other day....the little girls sang Jingle Bells for us and they played Simon Says. We all had an ice cream treat. Well, this 4th of July won't be the usual around here. No picnics or family get togethers. Joe has ordered steak, baked potato, corn on the cob and brownies for dinner that day. After the weekend is over, the time will go so fast. Then it will be surgery day and our wait will be over.

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