Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Beginning...June 9, 2010

Joe just found out that he has to have back surgery. First the Dr. wanted him to have a test for heart blockage. We went this morning and found out that it would take between 3 - 5 hours. We registered and went to the imaging dept. We waited a few minutes until they came out and asked some questions and then they took him in for the first part of the test. Then he came out and sat with me in the waiting room for 45 min. Then they took him back and he came out for another 45 min. He was really in a lot of pain and walking gingerly around the room with his cane. He asked if he could lie down and wait for the next phase. The next time I saw him...he was ready to go home. This test is called Cardiac Nuclear Imaging. It's a way of checking blood flow through the muscles of the heart. They put a tracer (small amt. of radioactive matter into the bloodstream. Then a camera follows the flow through the heart muscle. I was so glad that the test was was Joe. We joked about him glowing in the dark tonight.
On the way home, we stopped and bought a new chair. The salesman met us with a wheelchair and took him around the store to make a selection. What a nice caring and concerned.This chair was bought so fast...he sat in 3 chairs and chose the first one. A wing back chair and ottoman. He sits straight up in that chair and it will be perfect after surgery. No recliners are allowed. We are home now and he is resting in bed. It was a tough day. We left here at 8:15 AM and were home at 3PM. We were talking about how this kind of pre op treatment is so hard on people who are hurting. You used to go to the hospital and have all the tests after you were admitted. You were in your room and they came to get you with a wheel chair and brought you back after the tests. Now they send you here and there...not really thinking about the wear and tear on the patient. There's something to be said about the "good old days"

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