Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 21st.....The Blood Work is Done

Joe had an appointment at OSF for blood work and he thought to meet the anesthesiologist. We arrived about 15 min. early and he was taken in and he was asked a million questions. They did the blood work and gave him a brochure with instructions on care before and after surgery. He has some breathing exercises to do and that's about it until the appt. next week with the surgeon. They suggested that he quit smoking before surgery. He's following Drs. suggestions and this is his 3rd day without a cigarette. This is really tough. I've never smoked, but just about all my family members used to. The hardest habit to get rid of. He's doing just great.

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  1. Balisha, I had no idea about Joe's upcoming surgery, but I'm glad I found this blog and will be checking for updates. I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly on the 6th and that eventually, the surgery will have the desired effect and Joe will be pain-free after an uneventful recovery. Sending hugs your way. - Nancy