Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surgery Date is Set

Things are finally moving faster toward the day he will have surgery. July 6th is the date. Before that he will meet with the anesthesiologist and have blood work on the 22nd of June. An appointment with the surgeon will be after that...then at 11 AM, on July 6th he will have surgery. The time has gone so slowly...especially for him, as he is in so much pain. TV is a Godsend in situations like this. It kind of takes your mind off things and the one in our bedroom is probably going to be replaced by a new one...maybe on the wall. I've been cooking his old favorites and we spend a lot of time together, watching TV in the bedroom. Books to read, a photo album to work on for the Grotto, and other things will be here for him, when it's all over and he feels like doing something. I hope and pray that this surgery will go well, and that he will be back to his old self before too long.

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