Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today found us at the Spine Clinic in Rockford. Joe was taken in a bit early and the Dr. was very patient...answering all of his questions. Then the nurse came out to take me in to meet the Dr. My first impression was that he was very serious about the job ahead. A no nonsense man. He answered my questions completely...showing me Joe's x rays and pointing to the problem areas. He had a model of a spine and used that in his explanation. There was no hurrying...he had left plenty of time for us. The surgery will take a couple of hours. He can expect to stay in the hospital for 3 -4 days. I suppose that I will be told how to help Joe get out of bed and a chair and other things before he leaves the hospital. As the Dr. was going to the door, he turned and said that he would say a prayer in the OR before surgery starts. It seems that Joe's Dr. will ask the Great Physician for guidance. So everything is set for the 6th of July. It can't come soon enough for us. It's been a long wait for someone who hurts.

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  1. We will all be thinking of you and Joe on the 6th and have you in our hearts and prayers. I am sure Joe is ready for some relief from his pain.